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King of Queens Comp, Flusing Meadows

It’s been quite some time since I have been on my Blades, however when I heard there was going to be a comp coming to Flushing Meadows, I knew it was time to dust off the ol Fruit boots and blade. The weather in NYC has been unpredictable as of lately and the original date of the comp was scheduled for Saturday June 2nd but was postponed to Sunday June 3rd. Of course it didnt rain on Saturday but by the time we realized that it was too late. This comp would be the 1st NYC comp in the WRS (World Rolling Series) of the season and it was scheduled to be a pure street comp organized by Trevor Johnson & Craig Benabu (

I loaded up my chrome bag with my camera equipment and skates and rode my bike from the Bronx to flushing meadows. It’s been a long while since I shot blading photos so needless to say I was very excited. Upon my arrival I saw a crowd of bladers spectating the comp that had already started. I made my rounds and said “what up” to those who I haven’t seen in a long time then threw on my blades to get some warm up tricks in. Not more than 30 minutes after I arrived the rain started coming down which would delay the competition. Once the rain ended, we made our way to the Maloof skate plaza which was located a few yards down. 

Somehow I ended up as one of the judges of the comp so I wasn’t able to shoot photos of the comp which was fine by me. I was never really one to try and shoot the action of competitions, i like shoot what goes on outside of the comp. skaters are more relaxed and focused which makes for better photos. So here are some of the photos that I shot from the event while I wasn’t judging.

Danny Figgz – Top Torque up the ledge


Jordan Baez – Backslide


Ruben Prez – Monkey Flip


Carly Sanchez – Makio 


Wakums – Back Farv



Faces Of The Bitter Cold Showdown #2

Sorry for the delay on the portraits, the whole domain switch screwed up up for a moment but the blog is back and working to to be better than ever. On February 23rd the fellas and myself took a drive out to Royal Oak Michigan for the Bitter Cold Showdown. For those of you who do not rollerblade this event is one of the biggest if not the biggest competitive event we have. The opportunity to shoot on the floor during the finals and semi finals is a position that many photographers seek. So while those photogs were busting their ass trying to get that one great shot I took to the sidelines yet again this year to capture some portraits of not on the competitors but those who were in attendance that wanted to get a portrait done. I have to admit that this year the attendance and the energy was blah in comparison to previous years but i still had a great time shooting and chopping it up with the fellas in Royal Oak. I chose to use the same setup as last year, with only my Nikon speed light and shoot through umbrella at 45 degrees to the subject and my Nikon D90 DSLR. Check out the Photos and if you like what you see, repost on whatever Social Network you like. 

Brandon Smith – Valo

Chris Haffey Sporting his Handle Bar Mustache – Remz

Jose Henriquez – Flatlines Skate Shop, BX

Montre Livingston – SSM

The Monster Jaren Grob, Definitely one of my favorite skaters and the only rollerblader to make it into Sports Illustrated Magazine.

Troy Dezeeuw : Rollerblader and creator of the Daily Juice Blog & Track Or Die NYC Logo.

Last but not least, My Handsome ass grill. 

Behind the Scenes Photos From The Bitter Cold Weekend

I decided not to shoot any competition skating this weekend for the Bitter Cold Showdown for a number of reasons. I brought limited equipment to this trip since I was sharing the car with 3 others and thats would be inconsiderate to take up all the trunk space. After the 12 1/2 hour drive we arrived too early for check in to which we decided too head over to the Coney for breakfast in order to kill time. Once we finally checked in the others fell out while I decided to tour the hotel to look for a location for some test shots. The hallway I chose was right by the weight room so I hot the weights for a quick work out. Once the fellas woke up we made our way to the park where I posted up on the Mini ramp to get some Shots of the skaters going in..I was able to get a few shots that I was proud of.

John Stephens  – Mute Air

Jeff Stockwell – Front Farv (hands touched 😦 )

Vinny Minton with one of the most stylish alley oop souls in the game

John Stephens – Switch Top Mistrial

Vinny Minton – Back Slide

Jose Henriquez – Top Mistrial

Victor Arias – Front Torque

Wakums – Fishbrain Stall

Jeff Stockwell – Alley oop Negative Mistrial

After a quick liquor run I made my way back to the hotel room to edit some photos while everyone else partied. Once back in the hotel I grabbed up the fellas to shoot some hotel portraits using a single speed light with a shoot through umbrella. I chose the shoot through umbrella to provide a softer light. I set my exposure for the ambient light and positioned my subjects for their individual portraits.



Wakums counts his cash before making it rain

Navin looking like a fugitive.

Juan Ice Grilling Chris Brown

E Z Goezy

John Stephens


Jordan Baez

Moronie Moronie

Juan cant play Assassins Creed so he drinks away his pain


Moronie again


Shortly after Navin Got Kicked in the Face.

I really didnt party this weekend, it was more work than play but thats was my intentions. We went back to the hotel to finish off the liquor and bullshit. The whole weekend we picked on Juan since he was the new guy.  After a night of drinking and youtube hunting for cat videos (you had to be there) we fell out but not after laughing the night away.

The next morning we cleaned up the room and made our way to the coney for breakfast before the long drive home which has become somewhat of a tradition of the past 5 years. While eating at the Coney we ran into some fellow New Yorkers also getting ready for the long ride back to the NY. The pics will say the rest.

Needless to say since your reading this, I made it home safe by 3am with work by 7am. What a great weekend in total, I think the competition wasn’t as exciting as previous years but I still enjoyed myself none the less. Until Next year…..Be On the Looked Out for Faces of Bitter Cold #2

Bitter Cold Showdown Trade show Portraits

Every year I make it my business to run around the trade show like a maniac and shove my camera in the face of those who are in attendance while shopping for deals from various booths. This year was no different and although the turn out wasn’t as big this year I still had a good time doing so. For the trade show I only packed my Nikon SB600 and 35mm 1.8. Check out the faces that took the time out for a photo op. This is not the Bitter Cold Portrait Project.

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Shima – SSM, Legend

Navin – Skeptic Media

Dan Fabiano – Scribe

Montre Livingston – SSM

Adam Kilgore – Denial, Dub Caesar

Alex Broskow – Valo, 2012 Bitter Cold Showdown Champ.

Jaren “The Monster” Grob

Chris Farmer – Xsjado

Kris Troyer

Troy Dezeeuw – Graphic Artist, Creator of the Blogs Watermark

Truck Stop Strobist Shoot.

I have stated before that I never had dreams of becoming a photographer, I picked up a camera to fill a void and to keep myself from the massive amount of drinking and partying that I was doing after my break up. So now I have the camera and it’s serving its purpose and the drinking and partying has lessened. Much like anything I do, I want to put 100% into it and be the best that I can be. 9 months after I picked up a camera I presented to you “YourDailyJuice”. This has been an amazing week for me and it keeps getting better as the days go by. I was told as a youngin, “Hard work pays off” and that is the damn truth. It’s amazing what dedication, patience and hard work can get you. The blog is spreading like wild fire and i just reached my 10,000 hit mark for the year. I had my 1st article published on, made the front page of and was given my 1st Photo journal for all of this happened on the same day. Thank all of you for supporting what I do. As cheesy as it may sound, I do appreciate the love.  Now its time to get off the sentimental shit and focus back on the photos.

I figured since this photo did get me a photo journal for One Magazine, I would write about it and showcase some of the other photos taken that night. We pulled into this truck Stop after a good 6 hours on the road coming back from detroit and the 2011 Bitter Cold Showdown. All I have to say is 5 dudes, 1 chrysler sebring and a weekend of Coney Island food (Not Brooklyn Coney Island). Lets just say metaphorically speaking, we didn’t need to pull over for gas the whole way back….ewwwwwww yuck.  So here we were in this truck stop in Pennsylvania freezing our asses off when we noticed a sweet 9 step rail. Since the weather was so cold the rails was freezing so that would be out of the question after a long weekend of skating. We were sore from skating and the long ass drive. I believe it was Chito who said he would attempt it 1st, Will and Wakums was with it. They threw on the skates while I set up my flashes for this shoot.

The truck stop barely had available light so before they made any attempts at the gap I would have to get my settings correct so none of the shots would be wasted. Skating shots differ from portraits in so many ways, you want to get it right the 1st time so whoever your shooting doesn’t have to do it over and over risking fatigue and injury.  I needed a fill light and a light for my subject so I set up the good old SB-600’s  and took a couple of test shots to to get the correct exposure. In conditions like this a light meter would make my life soo much easier but what fun would it be if it was easier right? I set my fill light at 1/16 while the main light was on TTL settings. I set my ISO to 1000 which I knew would give me much more noise in the shot but what could I do, it was dark. Aperture is f6.3 at a shutter speed of 1/200th of a sec. Now that the easy part has been taken care of, here comes the hard part. Capturing a moving object in total darkness would be my goal for this shoot. I had already had the way I wanted the shot in my head now to implement the actual picture.

Will was the 1st to attempt the gap while I patiently waited and froze my balls off. I wanted to get the shot the 1st time and keep it moving or “On to the next one” some might say. Will is not the tallest skater out there but he charges at any obstacle with so much confidence and this gap was no different. I caught this mute 180 to the street.

Next up I caught Chito airing the gap. now I give Chito so much props because the dude is 31 and still attempting gaps. The way my knee’s are, I wouldn’t attempt that.

Last but not least was Wakums, Im not sure which of his personalities did the gap but much props to it. I captured 2 shots of  Wakums this night the 1st of which made it to One Magazine for my Photo Journal.

Wakums – 180 Mute to street

Wakums – 180 Stale to street.

I take alot of skating photos but that’s not the type of photography I want to be known for. The majority of my friends Rollerblade and if I can give them quality shots of their hard work why not. I showcase Rollerblading because this sport is my passion and I would like to educate those of you who may not be aware of what Rollerblading is. I Rollerblade and I shoot photos, this is me in a nut shell and wat you just finished reading is Your Daily Juice. Until Next time. Forever F.T.S


Side Note : If your interested in viewing any of the articles I had published on other sites last week, the links are below.

Road to W.R.S Finals @ Rye Airfield, N.H.

So its the time of the year that everyone in the rolling community comes together. The W.R.S. (world rolling series) World Finals, where the top skaters of the year and the who’s who of rolling come out to show and prove. I come out to talk sh!t shoot photos and drink (not in that order).  So I took this 4 hour drive  to New Hampshire with Greg Sturino and Carly Sanchez after a long night at Billy Hurricane’s, celebrating the release of Rob G’s pro skate.  Tired ajet lagged without being on a jet we arrived in New Hampshire  to The Rye Air Field skate park to see The homies  Brian and Hakeem from Create original building new boxes for the event.  The park was basically empty since it had not reached opening hours. I saw that as opportunity to get some exclusive shots that no one else would have fr the whole weekend. I was able to capture Chris “The Farm” Farmer lacing this sick soul to top soul while avoiding the on going construction. At first I thought the pics was dope but later on I found out that Farmer wasn’t skating the comp and that made the shot even more exclusive.  So I shot this image using my Nikon 70-200 vr 2.8 aka the big doofy lens, 2 speed lights setup to the far right and immediate left of the subject.  Sexy right?

So we met up with another OG NYC roller Dominick “Dom” Blanchard and while the ambient light was quickly leaving  i chose to get some shots of the fellas in th parking lot to try and capture the clouds.  This was also shot with 2 speed lights and the big doofy lens one speed light was elevated 7 ft up via flash stand 45 degrees to the right of the subjects while another speed light

was directly in front at the base of the subjects using a blue gel filter from the rosco filter kit ($21.00 B&H)

Dom B

(Carly & Dom )


(Carly keeps it 1 hundo)


(The Fellas)

The weekend was crazy due to a slight bed bug situations that we were lucky to catch early and also with Greg re breaking his nose and almost his neck but like New Yorkers we always make the best of a worse situation. Here are some shots from this weekend, the action shots may be used on a rolling website so I cannot post them as of yet. Hope you enjoy.

The rest of the pics

(John Stephens)

Hi Five and I’m Out