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The Drink Olympics, NYC 2011.

I had the opportunity to be involved in the 1st annual Drink Olympics held in Tammany Hall on Oktober 1st 2011 (yea I said Oktober). This was an event which would be know as “The Beer fest in NYC” Drinking games, live DJ, costumes and an all around good time for all those who attended. My job for the day would be to capture all the epic moments which were guaranteed to go down in the only way I know how to. I have been known to get some pretty sweet shots while out partying with my friends because I visualize my shots as if through the eyes of an intoxicated rock star (I am that rock star). I knew it would be a long day at Tammany Hall as I walked down Rivington st only to be greeted by a team asking if I wanted to drink for free for 5 hours. Teams were rushing to organize in time for a chance to win the Golden keg.

with 4,000 beers, over 50 teams, 300 competitors, 9 games and 1 tittle of Drink Olympic champions, you know it was about to go down. How many times can you say you had the opportunity to drink with Sesame Street and the hamburger helper man?

I really Want My photos to speak for them self so for once i will cut my words short and let the 140+ Photos & Video Speak for the event. If you missed it then sucks to be you, the next Drink Olympics will be held in Boston and you best believe will be there to capture as much content as possible. I made a quick Video to summarize the event. Its not easy to shoot and Film at the same time but  somehow I managed.  Shout out to the Sponsors who helped make this event possible and Kyle for Organizing this massive event.