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Urban Cyclist Project : Series 1

I spend the majority of my free time shooting & riding my fixed gear bike in the city so I decided to do a project which would incorporate both. I work for a messenger company in the city and on a daily basis I see hard working bike messengers who bust their ass to deliver parcels through various weather conditions. To understand how intense this job is which many do for low pay, you would need to climb on a bike and get your ass from 2150 broadway to 1 wall st in less than 30 minutes without getting plowed out by a NYC taxi. One thing that is for certain is the intensity on these riders faces as they maneuver through the busy manhattan streets is indescribable so with this project my intentions are to try and capture these expression along with the environments which these cyclist deal with on a regular basis.

Essentially the goal would be to involve each cyclist with this project along with some follow up questions but its a pretty difficult to capture a subject in action then give chase on a bike. Not too many New Yorkers would stop for a big black man chasing them on a bike, I know I wouldn’t.  Here are the 1st batch of shots which came from 1 day of shooting. Due to daylight savings, by the time I get out of work I have little ambient light to work with and about an hour to get as many shots in as possible. I still prefer quality over quantity .  These shots were taken along broadway from w37th to w18th, Enjoy and please feel free to share the blog.



(Break for a smoke)

(Direct Rush)

(Business As Usual)

(Via Broadway)

(The Chase)

I will continue shooting this project throughout the remainder of the year, hopefully all works out as planned. One a side note, November marks the 1 year anniversary of and I want to thank everyone who supported the blog and my work. Feel free to like and share the FB fan page with your family & friends. I have so much planned for the Blog for 2012 (If the world doesn’t end) trust me it will be worth it.

Shardy .

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