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Faces Of The Bitter Cold Showdown #2

Sorry for the delay on the portraits, the whole domain switch screwed up up for a moment but the blog is back and working to to be better than ever. On February 23rd the fellas and myself took a drive out to Royal Oak Michigan for the Bitter Cold Showdown. For those of you who do not rollerblade this event is one of the biggest if not the biggest competitive event we have. The opportunity to shoot on the floor during the finals and semi finals is a position that many photographers seek. So while those photogs were busting their ass trying to get that one great shot I took to the sidelines yet again this year to capture some portraits of not on the competitors but those who were in attendance that wanted to get a portrait done. I have to admit that this year the attendance and the energy was blah in comparison to previous years but i still had a great time shooting and chopping it up with the fellas in Royal Oak. I chose to use the same setup as last year, with only my Nikon speed light and shoot through umbrella at 45 degrees to the subject and my Nikon D90 DSLR. Check out the Photos and if you like what you see, repost on whatever Social Network you like. 

Brandon Smith – Valo

Chris Haffey Sporting his Handle Bar Mustache – Remz

Jose Henriquez – Flatlines Skate Shop, BX

Montre Livingston – SSM

The Monster Jaren Grob, Definitely one of my favorite skaters and the only rollerblader to make it into Sports Illustrated Magazine.

Troy Dezeeuw : Rollerblader and creator of the Daily Juice Blog & Track Or Die NYC Logo.

Last but not least, My Handsome ass grill. 


Holiday HDR

With all the snow that’s been covering my neighborhood as of lately, I decided to stay in today and work on two HDR images that I took Yesterday after the blizzard. I went out on Monday once the sky cleared up with the intent to capture at least 1 good set of photos to create a nice HDR of the snow covered scenery. After about 3 Pairs of wet socks and almost a half of gallon of hot chocolate in my system, I was able to find a location to set up the tripod and shoot away. Shot at ISO 200, aperture of f 5.6. this 1st shot was taken on the path to Indian Lake which is located in Crotona Park in the Bronx.

This next shot was taken at the freshly reconstructed “Indian Lake”. I wanted to capture what I thought was the most interesting ange of the lake. I took a few shots from different angles but this is the one I like most.  Shot at ISO 200, F22 at 1/750 sec. One shot 2 stops under next 2 stops over exposed and finally no exposure comp.

So those were my Holiday HDR’s I like how they came out and i’m getting a little more comfortable with shooting and creating HDR images. Now as far as snow storms go, regardless to how busy I am I try to take my kids out to the park and thrown them around in the snow. I have been doing this since the were babies and now that they are older this will not change.  Being as I am the photographer I couldn’t get any pictures of me actually throwing them around but I was able to capture some shots of the the kids and Storm in the park right before “I got to throwin”.

My Bubbles


The Kids

Storm going after a Squirrel


Bubbles is either tired or doesn’t want to go home.

NYC Snow Blizzard 2010

Monday December 27th, 2010. The morning after NYC was hit with a blizzard that left the streets covered with 16 inches of snow. The MTA was all screwed up so it left me posted up in my home with limited options to get through the day. I could either update my eharmony profile with recent holiday photos, stay in bed and watch Martin seasons 1-4, Clean up (that’s out of the question) or go out and capture some shots for you guys and spend the night blogging. Well I couldn’t really find the right holiday photo for my eharmony profile so I guess taking pictures was the next choice.  I layered up with thermals and sweaters, threw on the Spyder Ski Jacket and grabbed my Nikon D90 with the intention on shooting some pretty cool shots. As I was leaving I got a angry look from my room mate/ bestest bud “Storm the wonder dog”, who wanted to go out and handle her business. I threw on her shirt because even dogs need some type of warmth, and headed out to Crotona Park. I only went out with my 50mm 1.8 lens since I had the dog and wanted to travel lightly. These 1st shots were taken while I walked Storm. I chose to set a custom White balance for shooting in the snow which would allow me to do less work in lightroom once it was time to correct the images. Now the 1st time I began shooting back in Feb was during a blizzard as well so I was anxious to see if my shots have improved over 10 months of shooting. I will post some of my 1st shots from Feb and you can compare for yourself.

Below are some shots from  late Feb 2010 around my hood, the 1st day I began learning  and shooting  digital photography.

I think  my composition wasn’t that bad for my 1st day of shooting and the exposure was pretty correct but I feel I could have done better with the image correction. Overall they are not bad for the 1st time touching a DSLR camera.

These are the 1st shots of the day while Storm handled her business.


I’m currently trying get comfortable with Blk/white shots so for today’s shoot the majority of the images will be presented in Blk/white.

So after I took Storm inside to feed her and change my socks, I started out on my journey to capture some quick shots before I headed out to Brooklyn (or so I thought). I met up with Johnathan, my downstairs neighbor who was walkin in the park with his nephew. I decided to get a couple shots of them in the snow while capturing some scenic shots as well. I chose to set my ISO to 200 due to the brightness outside, My shutter and aperture changed with almost every shot due to the changing scenery. Here are some of the shots, check them out while I dry off.

Shutter 1/4000 sec, F2.8, 10.5mm fisheye

Shutter 1/1500 sec, F6.7, 10.5mm fisheye

Shutter 1/1000 sec, f4.8 @ 90mm

Shutter 1/2000 sec. F6.7 @ 50mm

Shutter 1/1000, f22 @ 50mm (for this shot I used the Sun to provide rim lighting to the lamp)

Shutter 1/3000 sec f5.6 @ 50mm

Shutter 1/20 sec, f19 @ 50mm

Shutter 1/4000 sec. F3.3, 10.5mm fisheye

So the shots from today came out pretty cool. I definitely see an improvement in my shooting from early in the year when I first started shooting. I was able to capture some bracketed shots so I can try and make an HDR Image but i’m too lazy and cold to work on those now. Hopefully you enjoyed the shots and I was able to explain how I captured these images.  Now that the work is complete, it’s time to get under my snuggie and on the XBOX live to play some call of duty : Black Ops…Gamer tag : Holdin Manutz…..