Life, Learning and the Photos taken in between.

The 2012 Bitter Cold Experience Brought to you by Instagram.

Those who are my friends on facebook already know about how much of an instagram whore I can be.  Although I will argue that Instagram does not make you a photographer, its still is a fun little app which helps you develop your eye since it only allows you to shoot with a fixed focal length. I wanted to document this whole trip with up to the minute photos for those who could not attend this years event. Sam DeAngelis ( mentioned a project he wanted to do involving the hashtag #BCSD2012. This made me even more excited to shoot through my iphone to which I coined the Phrase “I’ll Instagram my life away”. I walked around all weekend and shoved my Iphone in the faces of any and everyone that I came across. You could call me the “Mobile Paparazzi”. Check out these shots while I work on the Photos from the Nikon D90. Although these photos are watermarked I pinky promise that they were shot with only my iphone 4 and mostly under the influence of liquor and Coney Island (local Dinner).

Juan angry over breakfast & Chris Brown

Wakums & Navin sleep the day away

The Hampton Inn

A little weight work before the comp

The Equipment for the weekend

A sweet Salomon/Carbon Collaboration

E Rod On the mini

Vinny Minton



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