Life, Learning and the Photos taken in between.

A Couple of HDR Shots From Connecticut

I spent 2 days in Hartford C.T. chilling, drinking and shooting photos. I wanted to try and shoot some country life since im surrounded by city life. This tree was recommended to me by Joseph Bertram, a 91 year old retired business man/photographer. We spoke about photography and how it’s changed over the years and he even showed me some of his quite impressive photoshop work (much better than I could do at the moment).

This tree is the largest tree in all of Connecticut and definitely bigger than any trees that I have seen in NYC. This photo clearly does not represent how massive this Sycamore tree is but you can get some more info if your interested from . This is a prime location to shoot with numerous vantage points.  You have the lake where some people go canoeing or fishing, also the Bridge with a clear view of the whole lake. check out the shots.


These 2 shots are each 6 layer HDR shots. I look forward to going back to C.T. and shooting some more of the country side. I did get other shots from this weekend, however there were the only 2 HDR’s.




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