Life, Learning and the Photos taken in between.

YourDailyJuiceBlog At the 2011 Pride Parade.

With the same sex marriage law recently passed in New York, the city was flooded with people cheering and celebrating. The law was passed on June 23rd 2011 and goes into affect on July 24th 2011 which makes NYC the largest city in the country that Honors same sex marriage. This new law brought out all the opinionated mofo’s trying to push their beliefs on you.  Either way that’s not what I came out for. Parades are always a photographers gold mine with usually other thousands in attendance. As a straight dude i didn’t feel uncomfortable in any way, people of all nationalities gay and straight were celebrating their civil rights. I tried to capture what I could with my 50mm 1.8 fixed lens which is pretty difficult in a parade environment. Everyone was extra photogenic which is always a good thing for a photographer. I posted up on 12th and 5th ave a couple hours after the parade began ( I wasn’t informed about the parade until I saw a post on FaceBook). The energy and the vibe was amazing and I didn’t see any confrontations while i was shooting. I see it like this, its 2011 and homosexuality shouldn’t be a big deal anymore. It’s been around for years and is not going anywhere so even if you don’t embrace their lifestyle at least respect it. So here are the shots I captured at the parade. If you are easily offended then don’t look.  Don’t forget to follow the Blog on twitter @UrDailyJuice, Tumblr @YourDailyJuiceBlog and the FaceBook Fan Page YouDailyJuiceBlog Fan Page .


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