Life, Learning and the Photos taken in between.

2nd time’s a charm for the 35mm.

The quest to understand Film is and ongoing journey for me. My 1st roll of Ilford Hp5 400 was a disaster in my opinion, not even half the roll came out correctly. Adorama had a buy one get one free sale on HP5 400 film so I picked up a few boxes so I could get more practice in. I was determined to get it right this time around so I made sure all my settings were correct before every shot I took. I took in some reading material on film photography via google and I even went out and bought a hard cover book to read on 35mm photography (Title : The NEW 35mm Photographers Handbook). The Last book I read was Probably Catcher in the Rye back in High School. I just like how Film looks compared to Digital. You can easily get a film look from a digital photo using Lightroom or photoshop but I don’t feel its the same quality. Soy milk may be milk, I need a cow damnit.

(Someone grabbed my Camera)

Over the course of 2 weeks I went through 2 rolls of Film, really taking my time and carefully choosing what I want to shoot since a roll of film only allows 36 shots. There was the “A Chosen Few Comp” in NYC one weekend and the Puerto Rican Day Parade the following weekend. I shot both with my Nikon D90 however I was able to sneak a couple of Film shots in along the way. What I did differently this time around is overexpose each shot by at least 1 stop depending on the lighting conditions.

(Caught My Bubbles off guard)

The majority of my shots were taken during the day so I was shooting at fairly high shutter speeds. I made my way to Pier 62 with Dave and linked up with Jedi  and had a pretty sweet skate session but the day ended early due to the heat. I wanted to get some portrait shots of both Dave and Jedi in different locations in the park which both had different lighting conditions.

(Jedi @ Pier 62)


We left chelsea and figured that the would grab some food and end out day at the River Ave skate park in the Bronx but shortly after we arrived a we got ina huge brawl with the neighborhood chumps which lead to Carly needing 6 stitches over his eye. Not bad for taking a skateboard to his face but definitely not called for.

Since i’m still getting accustomed to the film format, the shots I take are very random. Once I become comfortable with the outcome of my exposure choices then I will be getting into the shots that i do with my Nikon D90, I am interested to see how off camera flash will look on film. Maybe thats what I will do with the next roll if im not to much of a sucka.

Next up on this Roll were the few Shots I took from The “A Chosen Few Comp”. I shot mainly digital for this event because I wanted to get the shots and be able to send them out the following day. The did lose interest in this contest after being kicked out of spot after spot so I decided to drink beer and talk sh!t for the last sot of the comp. I walked around and got some pretty good portraits during the comp while in staten island. Sometime taking a ride on the ferry is all you ned to clear your head.


(Evan G)

(Jigs FTS)


(James Perez, Staten Island)


(Brian “Lord Brian” Perry,

I finished up the last shots of my roll at the Puerto Rican Day Parade which was held in NYC last sunday. I was part of a skate through for the parade which was organized by Ray Mendez and Given the green light by John Leguizamo (I always have to Google how to spell his name the right way, Im sure he does too). We basically strapped on the blades and had full access to the Parade to enjoy the festivities and shoot content.  Towards the end of the Parade I put away the digital and took some film shots. I honestly didn’t know how they would come out since I was moving while shooting a moving subject but im pretty hyped at the outcome.

(Jigs checks his equipment in public)

My overall take on my second set roll of film, Im happy with the turn out and cant wait to get on my 3rd roll. I am starting to get the hang of choosing the correct exposure on film which is slightly different then with digital. I just purchased a fanny pack for my camera (yea 80’s style boyeeee) so i’ll be able to take my camera with me when I go out for my daily bike rides which should bring for more content on the blog.  I did take a chance and tried to get some action shots with with the N80 and I have a little more work to do to get them just right but it was still a great experience. Needless to say, I have been using my $30 3mm SLR more than my $900 DSLR. It’s not about what you have it how you use what you have, I learned this 1st hand. Normally I would clear out the background to not have so much distraction going on but these action photos were basically for testing purpose only. Check out the action shots.


Check out the Video Put together by Flip The Script for the Puerto Rican Day Parade

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