Life, Learning and the Photos taken in between.

Taking a Shot at 35mm Film Photography.

Although I continue educating myself on Photography  on a daily basis, at times I find the digital format of photography to be repetitive and bland. I always welcome a challenge and Film photography has teased my curiosity since I began shooting. The ability  to review your image after every shot or “Chimping” as Jooz  calls it it a great option for any photographer but at times I find myself just firing away and not really taking my time and waiting for the shot that I have envisioned in my minds eye. I was able to score a sweet Nikon N80 SLR from Ebay for $30.00 which is compatible with the lenses I already own with the exception of the 10.5mm fisheye.

I knew that I wanted to shoot Black & White but with film there are so many film choices to go with. After a brief recommendation and careful reviewing I chose to go with HP5 400 B/W Film. I’m not bound to this choice and I do want to test out other film to compare and contrast but I have about 5 more rolls to go through before I do so.  My fellow photographers who shoot film all reccomend HP5 and from these 1st prints I see the look that I am going for, all i have to do is figure out the right metering settings.

Out of a 36 exposure roll, there were only about 14 usable images. Thats less than half of the roll so at 1st I was pretty disappointed in myself. At times I can be my toughest critic as any artist is with their work. I found myself making the most juvenile photographers mistakes because I was analyzing the shot more than focusing on my settings. I had my camera set up for spot metering without even realizing it. That simple mistake threw off my exposure reading way off .

After visiting a few photo galleries I became a fan of the vintage look with heavy noise or grain. you can accomplish this look through photoshop but I prefer the real deal. There have been so many Photographers that often try to persuade me to the life of film. Although I find digital to be more relevant to the type of photography that I do, Film will def Be my project for the summer so look out for more updated blogs on my film shots. As disappointed as I am at the outcome of these shots, my blog serves as a timeline to my progression so posting only my best work will not be helpful in the end.

Jon Julio @ Marble Ledges, NYC

I decided to use my 50mm 1.8 lens on the Nikon N80 because thats my favorite lens. At 1.8 it provides a very shallow depth of field and pretty sweet for low light photography. These shots were taken through the course of 3 days from Thursday at the NYC Rolling industry meeting to the Valo “End of the World” session. I have an idea on what points I need to improve for next time and I expect to have at least 24 out of 36 exposures. Overall I feel like Film is gonna kick my ass in the beginning but it will become a very useful skill once I become more comfortable and knowledgeable of the film format. Check out some of the other shots from the roll.

Dave Toro

The Fellaz

Hyper Mike

Kyle Radzyminski @ Billy Hurricanes

Christian @ Billy Hurricanes

Ray Mendez

Hyper Mike @ Billy Hurricanes

Christian @ Billy Hurricanes

Ivan Narez

If you’re interested in attending the Next NYC Rollerblade meeting It will be held this Thursday at Billy Hurricanes from 7-10. Address  is 25 Avenue B – Btwn 2nd & 3rd Streets


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