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Valo at Billy Hurricanes Featuring DAS BOOTS!!!!

Friday May 13 or “Friday the 13th” was a day that many New York Rollerbladers would never forget. The Valo Team Joined The local bladers at pier 62 in chelsea to do some shredding. NY was going crazy to not only see but be able to skate with the team at their local skatepark. Victor Arias, Jon Julio, Ivan Narez, Erik Bailey and Alex Broskow  with special guest Montre Livingston all destroyed the park. I cant say I was there too long seeing as I arrived at the last hour of the session but thats not really what i’m here to write aboot. After the session the 21 and over crowd made our way to Billy Hurricanes (25 Avenue B, btwn 2nd & 3rd) to do what us new yorkers do best…No not curse at strangers…ok what we do second best, DRINK!  My night started as Carly, Max and myself drove around for almost 20 minutes looking for parking. As soon as I walk in Ivan Narez and myself each tackled the 92oz DAS BOOTS. I have a new found respect for that man. After making two trips to make pee pee I finally finished DAS BOOTS and began running around snapping photos of everyone having a great time. Unfortunatly I had to leave early around 2 because my ride was leaving but I still had a great time Drinkin and talking shit with my fellow skaters. Growing up Jon Julio was one of the few rollerbladers I looked up to so to kick back and drink with him was an honor. Check out the Photos from the night and if you enjoy the blog “Like” the Fan Page on Facebook ——-> YourDailyJuiceBlog Fan Page


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  1. Clean shots I like the fish bowl look on them.

    May 25, 2011 at 1:15 am

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