Life, Learning and the Photos taken in between.

Life’s a Beach

The day was Sunday May 1st 2011 and I woke up with a lot on my mind, too much to type about not that you would be interested in it anyway. After sitting in my bed Facebooking it up with breakfast for the better pat of the morning. I decided to take a bike ride to clear my head which helps put one or more things in perspective. I pulled out my bike which really hasn’t been used much since my shoulder dislocation early last August and made my way to Castle Hill Bike Center.  My bike required a  much needed tune up before I started my daily ride.  I made sure my ipod was fully charged  and the little rubber thingy on my earphones didn’t fall off….Again. 711 had a deal on the big 32oz red gatorade 2 for $3, so I grabbed those and some Twizzlers and loaded up my Lowepro camera bag. The ride from my casa to the beach took about a good 25 minutes or 8 tracks on my ipod. (80’s pop & rock FTW). Assuming the beach would pretty much be empty I decided to bring my camera to partake in a little Bird watching (the flying kind). Upon my arrival to Orchard beach I came upon a Goose, im not sure if it was canadian since it was not wearing a denim suit. I didn’t want to scare the goose so I rode past the bird, put my bike down and walked back slowly to get a more close up shot. Surprisingly it was very photogenic and polite unlike these damn NYC pigeons.

Check out the breast on that.

Such a camera whore.

The beach was pretty  occupied full of parents and kids either playing in the park, flying kites, shooting ball, riding bikes or just sitting enjoying the spring breeze. I even saw a few brave suckas in the water (it’s not that nice out people). I made my way to section 1 which is where the beach begins, just to get some shots of the rocks and other photos I had in mind. While trying to get a clean shot of these seagulls I happen to meet a fellow D90 owner and indulge in some camera talk. I also learned that smoking is banned from the beaches (not that I smoke) so all of you who want to smoke at the beach, be prepared for a fine courtesy of Mayor Bloomberg.  Here are some shots of Steven the Seagull (get it, Steven Seagull….or not?) and the drama with his lady. (We spoke afterwards.

Steven the Seagull checking out the pigeons.

Here comes the Mrs.

Now she’s bitchin at Steven after she caught him looking at a Pigeon.

It’s over! Be strong my brotha, the summer is right around the corner.

These two fisherman came out for the catch of the day. Im not sure if i would eat any fish caught from Orchard Beach, i’ll take my chances with fresh fish from the BP oil spill. I don’t eat fish anyway so wooo hoooo for me. Overall I did more relaxing than shooting on my ride to the beach. I’m most peaceful and focused when i’m by the water just listening to my 80’s tracks and going over what’s important in my life at that moment. Now that my bike is fixed, I will be all over the city riding and shedding this winter weight that I put on.  I found a few locations that would be great for some upcoming shoots which I plan use sooner than later. So what did I learn today, I’m out of shape and need to ride more often. Birds argue as much as we do if not more and 711 has a deal on 32oz Red Gatorade 2 for $3. I hope you enjoyed the pics and before I sign out check out the standoff I had with another goose as I was leaving.

“What you lookin at!”

“You want a piece of me!”

DONE! —->


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  1. Xiomara

    giggle… a peek in the mind.

    May 2, 2011 at 5:01 pm

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