Life, Learning and the Photos taken in between.

Panning with Rollerbladers.

I had a pretty busy week as far as rolling goes. I took a trip out to Brooklyn on two different occasions. 1st was for a shoot with Josue Diaz owner of Psyko Clothing ( ) at 51 rail. I had no involvement in his shoot however  I was able to capture some shots for my own personal use. Josue was getting some shots while Franco Cammayo (Valo), Ryan Many,  Edgar Rivera and Dominik Wagner (Remz) were skating this long handicap rail.  Panning shots are not really used so much in rollerblading media. I think panning is awesome because it reveals motion within the subject. That my opinion and i’m sticking to it…..for now. Panning rollerbladers is a task in itself since the speed usually isn’t fast enough to add significan motion blur. Here are a couple of shots taken while in Brooklyn.

Franco Cammayo – Tough Soul, Brooklyn N.Y

D Wag – Top Soul, Brooklyn N.Y.

The next day I made my way out to Westchester N.Y with the Fellas over at Flip The Script do get in a early morning session and photo shoot. After I got folded at the Yonkers skatepark we proceeded to blue rails which happens to be located in a school where the youth gathered around to cheer on the skaters. I was able to get some pretty cool shots at the rail.  This shot was of Peter Ortiz shredding (notice the FTS V.2 tee, go get that).

Peter Ortiz – Soul to True Soul, Westchester N.Y.

Last but not least I decided to focus on the media man capturing what you often view in edit. Cesar Macay has been film ing and contributing content for the New 50/50 Film “Juice 2″….Coincidence, I think not. We all watch skate edits and videos and often do not give the videographers enough credit. Cesar puts in work every time he’s out. look out for his clips.

Cesar Macay filming Ryan Many, Brooklyn N.Y.


One response

  1. Not Dre

    Id really like to see some panned shots like that at night, i think that would add even more to the shots. Looking at these kinda makes me think of OG magazines tho good shit

    April 26, 2011 at 6:37 am

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