Life, Learning and the Photos taken in between.

Modern Day Vintage Collection.

I have been to a few photo galleries as of lately and the images that left the most impact were the old Vintage portraits. Seeing as I prefer portrait photography, I wanted to try and create a vintage set with my good ol Nikon D90 and went out to get some shots. If you have kept up with the blog over the past few months you may have noticed my shooting style changes every now and again. I’m still in the learning process and trying to test the photography waters. At times I have found myself shooting more with a strobist setup which requires me to carry tons of equipment to sometimes simple shoots. I still love doing strobist work but I wanted to try to do more with less. So since my last shoot which was “Sophia’s 1st Photos”, I found shooting without flash to be a little more exciting and offers equal amount of  creativity as a strobist shoot. Ok enough with the rambling, bottom line is I put away my speedlights and started doing more with less.

I have been told that the best way to create a vintage style photo is through Photoshop which is cool however I use Adobe Lightroom 3 and refused to install Photoshop in my Macbook. Dominik Wagner aka D Wag came from Berlin, Germany to work a photography project on the New York Rolling scene.  I have been showing him around to a few spots which means im in the city a lot more pounding the pavement. During my travels I took some shots of the fellas and random people that came across my path. I ave never been to shy to stop a stranger and ask for a random hug or photo op. I  tweaked the photos during post production using Adobe lightroom 3. These shots are my 1st batch of the Vintage collection, grain and low saturated colors play a major part in the final product of these shots.

Sam DeAngelis puttin in work- Brooklyn,N.Y.

Tito taking a bail – New York, N.Y

D Wag – Coney Island, BK

Ryan Smiling for the Camera, Red hook,BK

D Wag – Brooklyn, N.Y.

I have no idea who this dude is but he was sitting at one of the spots where we were skating, with a look like that Could you resist a photo op?

I always save the best for last, my beautiful daughter and her dog. Daddy’s little girl is not so little anymore.


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