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School of Visual Arts Shoot with Ryan Loewy

Seeing as my shoot for this morning was canceled, I figured why not update the blog with some new content. Before I get into this blog I want to inform everyone about  an upcoming project that I’m working on. Saturday April 16 is having its 1st Photography meet up. The location will be central park, the concept is to have photographers of all backgrounds and formats meet up, network and capture some shots share info and tips and have a chill day in the park. I will have some models attend this event if you want to do some portrait work. Central Park has enough to scenic views to shoot if portrait work is not what your into. The event is free and all you need is a camera and a passion to shoot and network. With that being said Hopefully I’ll see you there. Bring your Business cards, pen, paper and last but not least YOUR CAMERA. Here’s the link to the event page on FaceBook to RSVP. 2011 NYC Photography meet up

Also join the Fan Page if you have an addiction with pressing the “Like” Button ——->  YourDailyJuiceBlog

I’m the type of mammal that gets bored easily and does not enjoy a repetitive lifestyle. This trait affects my photography and motivates me to always step my game up.  With that being said, I was offered the opportunity to shoot in one of the sweet studios located in the School of Visual Arts. I jumped to the opportunity and tried to come up with a theme that would work for this shoot, however I had no idea what to expect at this studio so I drew a blank.  Ryan attends S.V.A and was transforming himself into a daisy or some type of flower for a self-portrait project that he was working on. I’m more of a cactus man myself, less maintenance and they look cooler but that’s getting off the subject.

When I linked up with Ryan most of his makeup was removed which gave him a creepy zombie look which the way fashion and trends go, could be the next look. If it happens then i want a percentage of sales because you heard it 1st here.  So since this was going to be the 1st shoot we kept it relatively  simple with some basic head shots using Profoto strobes, beauty dish and bounce cards.  For this shoot i had the chance to shoot with a light meter which made my life so much easier. Basically if you do not know what a light meter is, it’s a device that measures the light and gives off the proper settings to dial in your shutter speed, aperture and ISO. You can then tweak it to make your image look the way you want it.  Here are some of the shots taken from yesterdays session with Ryan. You can also check Ryan’s shots and work from viewing his tumblr page and Flickr account. I’ll link them at the bottom of the blog.  Shots taken at Low 1 ISO, between f20-f22 and shutter of 125th of  a sec. All post production was done in Adobe Lightroom 3.

Ryan’s Tumblr

Oh yea I received my 2nd Photo Journal for One Magazine Featuring Evan Grimball. Check it out


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