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Spot Check with Sizer Star

Sometimes inspiration can come at a moments notice and for some strange reason I am often inspired to shoot when I have no energy left.  Could it be delusion is the secret to most of my favorite photos or the lack of energy which forces me to think outside the box. Either way the shots are taken and I am usually somewhat but never satisfied with them. Now I only blog in the morning when my thoughts are fresh and I havent eaten anything which gives me some creative brain farts. So the cross ventilation of delusion and brain farts is what Your Daily Juice is compiled of. With that being said I will start this mornings entry.

As you all may or may not know, Flip The Script has been producing not only amazing skate edits but content from the graffiti and music industry.  I am honored to work with them on their projects and offer my services for whatever they need. If you want info checkout the website and their youtube channel FlipTheScriptInc. So what does Flip The Script have to do with this shoot you ask? Nothing, mind your business. No but seriously, I was scouting out locations where I could do a shoot for their new line of Men’s and Women’s tee shirts when I came across this location. Usually before I shoot any where I like to do some test shots to see how the location looks on camera which gives me lighting ideas as well. Seeing as this spot is a block away from my friend’s location I figured why not use him as a test subject which would and give the shot to use for his Facebook or whatever he felt the need to use it for.

I received a call from my good friend Sizer Star or from many of us know him as “Toy”. I was home about to waste a beautiful clear day when he asked me to come out and get some fresh air. I decided to bag up my equipment and take a trip to his area where there is a solid 4 blocks of nothing but bright vivid Graffiti on the walls.  I arrived at the location around 4pm which gave way for great ambient lighting. I set up 2 Nikon SB 600 speed lights with 1 impact shoot through umbrella directly in front of Sizer.  The purpose of a shoot through umbrella if you didn’t know is not to keep your flash dry (I have been asked that question before) but more to soften the light source while spreading the light in a wider direction. Direct flash can give off more of a harder light which I find is fine for a fill light but no so much as a main light for this shoot.

I think my biggest flaw as a photographer is positioning the subject. I dont know much about what poses work for a specific person, I basically know how to position for lighting and from there I often draw a blank. I have been reading Girlie fashion magazines to get pointers and to smell the perfumes (WTF I get lonely at times, don’t judge me). Although this shoot including setup was done in 20 minutes, I think it was a great test shoot none the less. I will be coming back to this location to do a lot more shoots since there are so many different walls with are pieces to choose from. Thanks to Sizer for putting up with one of my photo shoots at the very last-minute.

That was the quick shoot for that day. Until Next Time….


P.S. make sure you pick up a Flip The Script V.2 Tee from their website.


3 responses

  1. chubby johson

    Nice test shots I like how u showcased the model and not the arte , but let the art shine at the same time …and at the risk of sounding soft …. Ur getting pretty good brother keep on that track and you’ll find Ur work come into the light ……. deejay FTS aka the magnanimus chubby Johnson out

    March 22, 2011 at 6:52 pm

    • Jo0se

      Your still soft! FTS

      March 22, 2011 at 6:59 pm

  2. David Hobby

    Cool stuff — But dude, you are playing it way too safe. Don’t just try to balance light. Inject some attitude. Study stuff that inspires you and go in that direction until you find your own.

    You need to amp up your light until it fits with your persona and what you are shooting / writing about. You are making light that would be appropriate to my mama (66) if she were writing about knitting and making green bean casseroles. 🙂

    Crank it up a notch. Or ten. Just do it.


    March 28, 2011 at 2:23 pm

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