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Valo Brand Presents……….VALO LIGHTS!!!

My anticipation to attend a single event was never higher than it was for the 2011 Bitter cold showdown for many reasons….Great skating, too many available photo ops, Coney Island, seeing all my fellow bladers from across the world and last but certainly not least the preview of the new VALO LIGHT boot. Photos have been floating around the Internet of Valo’s newest Carbon Fiber Boot. What should you expect from the Valo lights you ask? Well 1st of all the boot is 100% carbon Fiber however the cuff is still plastic, 2 kilos lighter = 1.1 lbs lighter per foot. That’s a total 2.2 lbs lighter than the original Valos.. The shell is 5 mm wider and 5 mm longer. This gives more space for wider feet which should take away the need to toe cut your Valo boot. This is good for me since I wear a size 13 sneaker and I would never wear a 13-15 shell (long boot), I usually get the 11-12 shell and toe cut it and im good to go. I will now be able to get away with downsizing to size 12 with no need to toe cut, Wooooohoooooo!

There are other improvements with the boot as well, there is more of an open shell still with lace eyelets  for those of you who lace the shell. These boots are amazing from my inspection which I did thoroughly not only at the Valo booth but on Jon’s foot also (don’t judge me damnit!). The liner has also been improved on the 1st line of the Valo lights which are also Jon’s 2nd Pro model on Valo. There is also a new 2 piece mid sole system which eliminates base plates and offers more of a customizability once the new color ways drop. The new Carbon boot and soles are also compatible with older Valo Skins if you have a personal preference in skins.  After speaking to a few of the visitors who attended the Valo booth to view these new boots, there will be many people switching over to Valo once these babies drop. I always Enjoy the energy that the Valo team brings to the trade show. I have yet to see any rider turn down the many photo ops thrown at them. Also valo provides more than enough free stickers and posters for those who attend and visit the booth. The Price tag for the Valo lights havent been released yet but the release date should be late May early June 2011. Here are some shots I took for those of you who were unable to attend this years Bitter Cold trade show.

Jon & the Valo Lights

NYC’s Very own Franco Cammayo & the Valo Lights.

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One response

  1. Chubby Johnson

    yea them shits are fresh …. I don’t skate no more but I might cop just to get my ” poser ” on ! ….. oh yea FYI shardys soft like a babys cookie ….

    February 28, 2011 at 6:48 pm

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