Life, Learning and the Photos taken in between.

Portraits of a Child

The best portraits are not just the ones which have great lighting, composition and subject but the ones that capture the true character and personality of the person you are shooting. Well at least thats my take on it and i’m sticking to it! I do a lot of portrait work and  what I look for is usually an environment that works well with my subject. Most likely the background would be so blown out that you wouldn’t be able to tell where the subject is but it makes the person your shooting a little more comfortable. So for todays Subject I chose to do a shoot of 3 year of Lehanna. Lehanna is a child much like most children that has way too much energy for me to keep up with and is fascinated with the box that flashes. I made a trip out to Brooklyn to after a shoot in Central Park and I decided to shoot some in home portrait work. Now all I had was My Nikon D90, 50mm 1.8 and SB-600 speed light. I also had a Product on me that I often use for portrait work that didn’t really cost me much and that is a Interfit Mini Beauty dish ($30.00 B&H)

This provides a direct light source to my subject and a little more contrast than just the flash alone.  So I sat down with Lehanna and showed her my camera and the flash set up 1st so she wouldnt be totally distracted by it during the shoot. This was not a big or planned setup to begin with and I was hoping for a pretty good turn out. Shooting portraits of children is harder than full motion shots at times, You have to give respect to the Child portrait Photographers because it isn’t easy. Lehanna was surprisingly photogetic shouting out “Cheese” after every shutter actuation. When shooting portraits of anyone it really helps to show your model the shots every now and then so the get a feel of how the shoot are coming out. After every shot taken I showed Lehanna the photo to keep her attention on the shoot and not Nick Jr. Well here are two of the photos taken during this shoot. Hope you enjoy

These shots were taken at ISO 200, f7.1 1/200 of a sec. Once again I cant stress how great and inexpensive the 50mm 1.8 lens is especially if you are doing portrait work.  All of my post production work is done in lightroom 3  with my macbook pro while is sit on my bed watching law & Order. With that being said, i’m outta here. Make sure you keep posted for my Bitter Cold Showdown updates this weekend from Royal Oak, Michigan.  I promise you some really exclusive shots and interviews that only will have…. Guaranteed or your money back!


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