Life, Learning and the Photos taken in between.

Taking Friggin Sweet Photos

Since I started blogging about my photography, I have received emails asking all sorts of questions and “how too’s”. While I’m always ready to give my input of any knowledge that I have, I always like to stress that I am not a professional and these are methods that work for me at that given moment. This blog is a time line for my progression so at any point my views may change. With that being said I want to talk about a few tips that you should consider when taking Friggin Sweet photos. A misconception that many of us have is that you must have a super expensive up to date camera with all the gidgets gadgets. I have seen amazing work shot with a Nikon d40 with 5omm 1.8.  If you have a knowledge of photography and what is more visually appealing then you are one step closer to Taking Friggin Sweet Photos.  Now that you have a SLR/DSLR learn your damn camera.

  1. Get out of auto mode and start shooting in M mode (Manual). You wouldn’t buy a sports car and only drive 30 mph. You want to learn each setting and once that’s done you will look at photos differently. When you shoot in auto mode the camera basically determines how your image will come out. I prefer to control how my image is captured therefore it is def my own work.
  2. Understand lighting and how it will affect the outcome of your photo, just because your eye can see it doesn’t mean the camera will.  Poor lighting will cast shadows over or around your subject which makes your Photo not that Friggin Sweet.
  3. Frame your shot before you take it. Anyone can fire off 50 shots and choose at least 1 good Image. I personally don’t consider that to be quality shooting. Pre-visualize the photo before you shoot it and when you capture that image it makes it that much more satisfying.  You can take 100’s of shots or patiently wait for that one good shot. I prefer quality over quantity but that’s just me.
  4. Learn the Rule of Thirds and apply it to framing your subject. Believe it or not, the placement of your subject within the frame will change a Blah photo into a Friggin Sweet Photo.  I really dont feel like covering the rule of thirds now but maybe I will try and blog about it before the week is over. You can also google it.
  5. Last but not least, GO SHOOT! Some things can’t be taught, you have to just go out and do it. You can study and know all the written specs of photography but unless you go out and take chances while shooting, your pics will be very generic.

Open yourself up to constructive criticism from other photographers. to the untrained eye any image that is not the norm will be amazing work. Although its great source of nutrition to ones ego, I always prefer a challenge and seasoned photographers usually have an eye out for the things we may have missed, tips on obtaining the correct exposure, composition etc. Sign up for Flickr, Smug mug, Photobucket or find a message board that pertains to Photography and submit your work. If you have a problem with taking criticism and you would rather not submit your work then you should be prepared to spend even more time perfecting your craft.  Remember “A closed mind can never feed” and we need to feed to survive.

If you don’t agree with these steps that’s fine, I found these to be very useful and helpful over the past year.

Side Bar, 2011 has started off with a bang for my photography. My physical portfolio is almost complete, My website is finished and ready to be presented to the masses and this blog has been receiving heavy traffic on a weekly basis. Thanks for supporting me with my Blog project everyone. Once the weather gets nice I will be adding Video tutorials also (Filmed in 1080p).  Hopefully these tips will help you Take Friggin Sweet Photos.

Until next Time.



One response

  1. precious

    I love it, seems like you are very passionate about it, who knows where this could take you.. so now I know I can hire you for a event that I have ..keep up the good work.. I love the last pics of you that was hot

    January 19, 2011 at 12:37 pm

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