Life, Learning and the Photos taken in between.

Panning in the Park.

Today I wanted to tackle a form of shooting that I have seen before but never attempted. It’s called “Panning” and for those of you who don’t know what that is here’s my quick explanation. Panning is a form of shooting which reveals motion within the background of the image while freezing the subject within the frame. How do you go about panning you ask, Oh you didn’t ask well I’ll tell you anyway. First find a location where you would be able to follow moving objects for a few seconds at a time without anything blocking your field of view ( easier said than done). I figured I would take this to any NYC street and capture a car, bus or motorcycle and call it a day, NOT! I loaded up the Lowepro and headed down to the one place that would give me ample amounts of space to shoot and moving subject to choose from….CENTRAL PARK. I figured since shooting vehicles was out of the question I would pick off a few spandex riding bikers as my victims.   After too many test shots without one usable image I began to get frustrated and had to rethink my approach on panning. my 1st steps was setting up the camera, for today I decided to pull out ” The Big Doofy Lens” aka 70-200 2.8 VR and post up somewhere with a good vantage point. I changed my auto focus from single point to continuous since panning requires shooting a moving subject.  I changed the release mode to continuous high speed and dialed in tp Shutter Priority mode. At first I tried shooting at a higher shutter speed which was capturing the image but not giving off the appearance of motion in the background after a few more shots I finally felt comfortable with the settings of ISO 200 F/9.5 @ 1/30 sec shutter.  Once again Today was my 1st time shooting like this and my word is not the Bible on shooting, its just what I felt worked as a stepping stone for me.  Here are a couple of images that I felt were the best of the day. The subjects didn’t really come out as clear as I would have preferred however I am proud of the final product. I was able to freeze the subject and capture  movement in the background. CHECK IT!

Subject #1 for the day. (Personal fav)

Subject # 2

Final of the day.

Overall the shoot was very interesting needless to say, I froze my ass off and the bullshit Iluv headphones that I bought from B&H sucked big floppy donkey balls and kept falling out my ear. I should have just held my Iphone up to my ears for more convenience.  ILuv products = Fail in my book, Boof yourself Iluv!!!

Now on my journey out of the park I linked up with a friend who just got a Nikon D40 and wanted to get some Photo tips and try out some different lenses. I think I gave some helpful hints but I don’t have a English accent so I doubt it had the full effect. While crossing the street at 56th and Broadway I almost got ran over by Swizz Beats in a black Range Rover while  touring the Soup Nazi’s establishment (Seinfeld Fame). We stopped in Starbucks for a much needed hot chocolate and to review some images in the warmth. I captured these last 2 shots which I like so I will share them with you. Shot with the Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens.  Stay warm and enjoy your night.

Mr chess player man (Starbucks has the most interesting characters)

Waiting for the Iron Horse.



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  1. shardy whats up man. love the work!!!! much respect. tried to hit you up this week but I think i took your number down incorrectly so hit me up when you get this.

    btw… we shot the 2nd sunday event together in case you forgot.


    January 13, 2011 at 8:41 pm

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