Life, Learning and the Photos taken in between.

Holiday HDR

With all the snow that’s been covering my neighborhood as of lately, I decided to stay in today and work on two HDR images that I took Yesterday after the blizzard. I went out on Monday once the sky cleared up with the intent to capture at least 1 good set of photos to create a nice HDR of the snow covered scenery. After about 3 Pairs of wet socks and almost a half of gallon of hot chocolate in my system, I was able to find a location to set up the tripod and shoot away. Shot at ISO 200, aperture of f 5.6. this 1st shot was taken on the path to Indian Lake which is located in Crotona Park in the Bronx.

This next shot was taken at the freshly reconstructed “Indian Lake”. I wanted to capture what I thought was the most interesting ange of the lake. I took a few shots from different angles but this is the one I like most.  Shot at ISO 200, F22 at 1/750 sec. One shot 2 stops under next 2 stops over exposed and finally no exposure comp.

So those were my Holiday HDR’s I like how they came out and i’m getting a little more comfortable with shooting and creating HDR images. Now as far as snow storms go, regardless to how busy I am I try to take my kids out to the park and thrown them around in the snow. I have been doing this since the were babies and now that they are older this will not change.  Being as I am the photographer I couldn’t get any pictures of me actually throwing them around but I was able to capture some shots of the the kids and Storm in the park right before “I got to throwin”.

My Bubbles


The Kids

Storm going after a Squirrel


Bubbles is either tired or doesn’t want to go home.


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