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2010 Lunar Eclipse

Seeing as i’m always looking for new content to cover not only myself but for those of you who read Your Daily Juice, this week was no different. After a good conversation with my friend Puffy Head, she informed of a lunar eclipse that was to take place in a few hours. My furthest intrest would be to watch “the Notebook” again and Astronomy but seeing as I have been introduced to both I would rather write about the moon. So I was never motivated to shoot anything above the clouds but I wanted to put my Nikon 70-200 2.8 V.R. aka “The big doofy lens” to use in this extreme low light environment.  My preparation for this was fairly simple.

  • Grab tripod to reduce movement & stability.
  • Layer up for this freezing shooting session.
  • Hot Chocolate…..Big Cup!
  • Patience.

My location for this shoot would take place on the rooftop of my building at around 2:30am. I wanted to try and get a HDR shot of the moon but that was easier said than done. Fun Fact for ya : Since the earth is constantly rotating, although you are shooting with a tripod you will not get the same shot of the moon with each frame. With that being said, No HDR shot of this night.  I shot with a few different settings but none really seemed to work the way I wanted. after a few test shots I came across a setting that worked for me. I dialed down my ISO to 200, stopped my aperture at f5.6 and had my shutter at 1/180th of a sec.  The end results are the images you see here. Hopefully next  eclipse will take place in warmer weather so I won’t freeze my balls off again.

What really sucks is that after standing out in the freezing cold trying to capture these shots, once the total eclipse occurred a giant cloud covered it from where I was located. Although I could see it, I couldn’t capture a usable image to showcase but if you wait another 50 years I got you on that, Pinky Swear.


One response

  1. Shartee Kush

    Damn Yo that shot is beautiful. My crappy ass cam cannot capture that beauty. Nice !

    April 5, 2011 at 12:45 am

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