Life, Learning and the Photos taken in between.

A couple of portraits with “The Big Doofy Lens”

Tis the season…..Bah Humbug. Thats my take on the holidays with my grinch persona in full affect but regardless of my  holiday woes, I try to keep some what of the holiday spirits while shooting. So since I have been uninspired lately for reasons unknown, I decided to showcase some photos I previously shot around this holiday time. My opinion is the holidays make some of the best shooting times with the bright colors, lights and decorations. People are usually in good spirits and always ready for  a photo op which I am more than happy to provide. So here are some shots I have captured with my Nikon 70-200mm 2.8 VR aka The Big Doofy Lens.

This photo of Danny was taken on Thanksgiving day during my routine “plate stop visits”. Danny was beginning his road to Hulk-a-mania mustache look  so I figured I should catch the early process of this. Taken with the Nikon 70-200 VR 2.8, it worked out to be a great portrait lens since the distance I was given to shoot from only allowed enough space to capture his head.  Danny has a old soul trapped in a the body of a young dude and his ever changing 60’s hairstyles are a perfect example of that. While processing the photo in Adobe lightroom, I went for a look that would compliment Danny’s style for the week. I was going for a older 35mm film look. I like the final  result of the photo.

Next is Stevie, Danny’s little brother. The 70-200 VR really does a great job of blowing out the background to make the subject stick out more. I converted the image to greyscale just to try something a little different. There was no use of a speed light in either of these photos, the wide aperture of 2.8 allowed in just enough light to capture the picture the way I had visioned in my head before shooting.

Sindy with an “S”, so for these shots Sindy met up with me in Central Park to be my muse for the day. I was able to capture a few good shots before we lost all ambient lighting. I did use my Nikon SB-600 for these shots. My choices where to either slow the shutter, and bump up the ISO (since I was already shooting on 2.8) or just use a simple speed light.

This shot I used the over head Street lamp  as the background lighting and my speed light. I did very little in Light room to touch up on the colors, increased the blacks by 2% and thats really it. I like how the pic came out straight from the camera but I always find something that needs to be touched up in the development process. Shortly afterwards I was treated to a BBQ’s meal which gave me the massive BG’s (Bubble Guts) and made for a uncomfortable train ride for my fellow commuters….Yuck!

I saved the very best for last…My beautiful daughter, My Bubbles. This photo was taken while I chaperoned her class trip to Queens college to see the Asian Acrobats. This day was extremely windy and cold with slight hailing towards the end of the the trip.  Even though she hates when I take pictures of her, I always seem to capture her beautiful smile. The sb-600 was on “M” mode at 1/2 and she stopped long enough for me to capture this shot before I entered the dreaded yellow cheese bus back to her school. We did however get to sit in the back of the bus since we were the cool kids.

Hopefully I will get out of whatever funk i’m in soon so I can capture some more content for the blog. I’m still looking for a few Models who want to take some vintage style pin up shots and i’ll probably be stopping by a few of my friends houses to take family shots in front of their christmas trees.  If you have any questions, request or just want to get in contact with me email me :

Until next time.


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