Life, Learning and the Photos taken in between.

“Strobist Setup”

Ok so this is my 1st blog of sorts so I figured the 1st thing I should discuss if my latest approach into the strobist community. Now I am not a “Professional Photographer” rather more of a dedicated hobbyist.  These are the steps that I have taken and that worked best for me.  1st and foremost you would think people would line up to get pictures of themselves for free and guess what, thats not the case at all so for my 1st shot I chose to be my own model. My setup for this shot  consist of a tripod, 2 impact flash stands (6ft& 8ft), 2 Nikon sb-600 speed lights, 1 stofen diffuser and a 30″ Impact flash umbrella.  I mounted the 8ft with the umbrella to the right of the subject (myself) and the 6ft pointing towards my background to give off an illuminating affect.  Both flashes were on TTL mode and my Camera (Nikon D90) was programmed on CLS (Creative lighting System).  I set up the flash stand about 4ft away in each direction so the flash wouldn’t appear so strong on the subject.  For me the 2 most important steps I take are Shooting Raw (ooooooh) as well as shooting in Manual mode always.  It allows me to have more control on how my image will come out instead of the camera putting in its 2 cents… So, this was my 2nd image using my strobist setup, the 1st was out of focus. Shot @ ISO 200 at about 29mm with a shutter speed of  1/200 and and a Aperture of  F3.3.

Not bad for my 1st time using this setup, I got the look I was going for and the image was in focus. I won’t lie, I did some but very little corrections using Adobe Lightroom 3 but for the most part what you see is what I took.

Now my next Image was take the next day when a good friend dropped by to do what we do best, talk S**t.  I asked Danny to allow me to take some shots so I could be behind the camera and  see what the image before it was shot rather than pose and hope for the best like I did with the image above.  Sporting his best Jersey shore hairstyle Danny quickly threw out his “Cartman Beef Cake Pose for all the Laaadies.  the settings were almost similar for this image however this was taken vertically and i had a little fun in lightroom as well as Adobe Photoshop CS4 adding some Spartan 300 effects and well as a little Vignette effect to bring the focus more on the subject.

For the most part i’m satisfied with the turn out of the images, Yes they could be better and hopefully my next round of shots will have improved but once again I have only been shooting for 8 months so everything in moderation.  Hopefully you have enjoyed this blog,  it’s my 1st of many. I hope this gave you and idea of what I was after and answered any questions you never asked me. Hive Five and I’m Out!

Shardy Nieves


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