Life, Learning and the Photos taken in between.

Road to W.R.S Finals @ Rye Airfield, N.H.

So its the time of the year that everyone in the rolling community comes together. The W.R.S. (world rolling series) World Finals, where the top skaters of the year and the who’s who of rolling come out to show and prove. I come out to talk sh!t shoot photos and drink (not in that order).  So I took this 4 hour drive  to New Hampshire with Greg Sturino and Carly Sanchez after a long night at Billy Hurricane’s, celebrating the release of Rob G’s pro skate.  Tired ajet lagged without being on a jet we arrived in New Hampshire  to The Rye Air Field skate park to see The homies  Brian and Hakeem from Create original building new boxes for the event.  The park was basically empty since it had not reached opening hours. I saw that as opportunity to get some exclusive shots that no one else would have fr the whole weekend. I was able to capture Chris “The Farm” Farmer lacing this sick soul to top soul while avoiding the on going construction. At first I thought the pics was dope but later on I found out that Farmer wasn’t skating the comp and that made the shot even more exclusive.  So I shot this image using my Nikon 70-200 vr 2.8 aka the big doofy lens, 2 speed lights setup to the far right and immediate left of the subject.  Sexy right?

So we met up with another OG NYC roller Dominick “Dom” Blanchard and while the ambient light was quickly leaving  i chose to get some shots of the fellas in th parking lot to try and capture the clouds.  This was also shot with 2 speed lights and the big doofy lens one speed light was elevated 7 ft up via flash stand 45 degrees to the right of the subjects while another speed light

was directly in front at the base of the subjects using a blue gel filter from the rosco filter kit ($21.00 B&H)

Dom B

(Carly & Dom )


(Carly keeps it 1 hundo)


(The Fellas)

The weekend was crazy due to a slight bed bug situations that we were lucky to catch early and also with Greg re breaking his nose and almost his neck but like New Yorkers we always make the best of a worse situation. Here are some shots from this weekend, the action shots may be used on a rolling website so I cannot post them as of yet. Hope you enjoy.

The rest of the pics

(John Stephens)

Hi Five and I’m Out


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