Life, Learning and the Photos taken in between.

Pier 62 Shoot

I wanted to speak particularly on these three images which I am proud of taken on a day that I didn’t intend to shoot at all rather just take a trip to  B&H which happened to be closed due to one of the Jewish holidays. Some local rollerbladers informed me that they were having a session at Pier 62 skate park so since I was in the area I took a scenic stroll from 34th st to 23rd and the west side highway.  Today the only equipment I had at my disposal was a 18-70mm 3.5 Nikkor lens, 1 sb-600 speedlight with the little plastic flash stand and my Nikon D90. The park was empty so for the majority of the dabbled in the art of sideline sh*t talkin to everyone who was skating. I noticed in the bowl there was a older skateboarder who was goin in with his airs and his inverts.  Now I am a rollerblader and i have no problems with skateboarding as a sport, they bust their ass as much as we do. What I do have a problem with is the asshole with attitudes who think the parks are just for them. These assholes come in the shapes of skateboarders rollerbladers bikers and recently the scooter kids. Ok back to what I was saying, I approached the old school skateboarder and asked the gentleman if he mind that I shoot some photos of him (some people don’t like pics).  I didnt catch his name but he was more than willing to do some shots. This is where it got fun, Since I dont know this mans name I will refer to him as old skateboard dude (he was 37 I believe). Once again I didnt really come prepared to shoot that day so I had to make due with what I had at my disposal.

This 1st shot of the Invert (name of the trick) was taken with the flash mounted on the floor positioned up since I didnt have any stands. There is signs of the flash bouncing off the floor which sucks but otherwise the image is on point. Shot at ISO 250 at 18mm with a aperture of F4.0 and a shutter speed of about 1/125 of a second. Now to me what bring this image out the most is the detail of the clouds.  I did raise the saturation of the blue and lowered the Luminance but overall this is how the image was shot. I just liked how it looked.

This shot was also taken with the same settings as the previous images so I guess the same statements apply.  These 2 are probably in the top 10 of my favorite images that I have shot to date.  It sucks that the Skateboarder didn’t want me to email him the shots however he did say “They were rad”.

This Final Image was shot on a totally different day bit at the same location, Jigs ( Flipthescriptinc ) and myself arrived at pier 62 around 10am and met up with NYC Rollerblade legends Joe Dedentro, Jon Ortiz and Ariel Surun. After a long night of boozin and being a soft individual, a hung over Ariel was able to pull what I like to call this Hung over soul up the corner wall (many cant do this sober).  What I like most about the image is in the background. The presence of the young skateboarder watching a veteran rollerblader. composition wise I think this image is great and thats my opinion. I would have rather his face not to be covered with his shoulder but i understand the difficulty of this maneuver  I could have brought the contrast down a bit however I always find something wrong with anything I shoot.  Oh Btw this image was taken with a Nikon D300 with a Sigma 12-24 lens @ 12mm IS)200, shutter 1/160 of a second. Ok i’m probably as tired of typing as your are tired of reading so i’m cutting this short.  Until next time..

High Five and I’m Out

Shardy Nieves


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