Life, Learning and the Photos taken in between.

Black Rails session with Edgar Rivera.

This day I wanted i decided to go old school and travel to each spot using my bike. I loaded up my Big ass North Face Bag with 2 flash stands and my camera equipment and headed to Flatlines Skate shop In the Bronx with Oscar to meet up with Edgar and start the day. We ended up at “Black Rails” to do this shoot which is a skate spot that many will not go to due to rumors of gun shots and other bullshit that can happen at any spot in NYC. All that means to me is that we would have the spot to ourselves to shoot without any interruptions. The look I was going for was more of a low key image where the subject is what’s visible while the background is blackened. Now these shots were taken around 4:00pm with the sunlight still present so I didn’t know if this would come out how I picture in my head.

This shot of Edgar was taken with an ISO of 400, aperture f10, shutter speed of 1/60 of a sec and at 38mm. I had one sb-600 speedlight directy to the left of my subject and one facing the rear which gave the image more of an illuminated look. This was pretty much the look i was going for, I would have liked the image to be slightly darker in the background which could have been accomplished by either taking the shutter speed down a stop or raising the aperture to say f11. Touching up in light room is also another way to go about it but I try to get it right in the camera overall and do as little editing as possible.

Second shot we jumped on the bikes and rode over to151st and Grand Concourse to set up for this image of Edgar doing the McDonalds drive through gap. This image was a little more difficult to shoot with the given runway space and being that it is an active driveway. I had to move the speedlights multiple times and capturing a moving object with minimal light and in focus is easier said than done. I believe I should have raised the ISO a bit to maybe 640 and moved the shutter up one stop however the image came out pretty good and in focus. Shot at ISO 400 with a aperture of F5.6 and a shutter speed of 1/80 of a second. I was able to control the out come of the image the way I visualized it by shooting in Manual Mode rather that Aperture select or Shutter Priority. Overall the day was a success, Oscar was Patient assistant and when I asked him he was ready (hahaha insider) and Edgar served his purpose. The other images are posted on so go and check those out. Hopefully my next post will not be skate related. I have a few shoots this week that i’m excited about and a few more tutorial I need to read.

Thanks for your time. High Five and I’m Out….

Shardy Nieves


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